Safety & Health Inspections

Safety & Health Manual – Table of Contents

  1. UT Policies on Safety and Health
  2. General Safety
  3. Safety Suggestions and Hazard Reporting
  4. Office Safety
  5. Safety and Health Inspections
  6. Motor Vehicle Safety
  7. Fire/Life Safety
  8. Electrical Safety
  9. Shop Safety
  10. Personal Protective Equipment & Respiratory Protection Program
  11. Confined Spaces

Annual Inspections

Inspections shall be conducted annually through distinct work areas, including offices, laboratories, shops, and other work sites, to locate specific safety and health problems or violations. Such inspections shall focus on general working conditions, maintenance procedures, work practices, housekeeping, machine conditions, use of guards, hazardous exposures, and other similar concerns. Reports of safety and health inspections shall be prepared by the Campus Safety Officer and provided to appropriate campus managers and maintained in the office files.

Elements that shall be addressed in the inspection program include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Fire Safety
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Chemical Storage
  • Chemical Handling
  • OSHA-Related Workplace Conditions
  • Handicapped Access
  • Waste Management

Violations and problems shall be noted, recommendations made for correction of violations or problems, and dates set for corrective actions to be accomplished. Meetings with campus managers and the Campus Safety Officer shall be held as appropriate with follow-up inspections scheduled to assure correction in a timely fashion.

Annual Health and Safety Audits

The Safety Officer (SO) will participate annually with other Safety Officers and the UT Safety Officer (or designee) in an audit. The audit of the campus will include a site visit and inspection of select areas that represent the comprehensive activities of the campus.

Elements that shall be addressed in the audit program include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A review of SO’s analysis of existing campus safety compliance
  • Determination of the status of any outstanding findings
  • A review of the current status of all safety and audit criteria with the SO

A written audit report issued by the UT Director of Health and Safety (Director) will follow the completion of the Annual Safety and Health Audit, addressing any findings and needed adjustments. The written audit report will be reviewed by the SO and the SO may respond or seek clarification to any findings prior to the date set for adjustment. The SO will have the responsibility to report to the Director within the time provided in the audit report on the adjustments as listed in the Annual Safety and Health Audit.