Pre-Approval of Particularly Hazardous Work

Why are Standard Operating Procedures important and how do I incorporate them into my CHP?

Signed copies of your lab workers’ pre-approvals to work with particularly hazardous substances or procedures must be kept in this section.

Written pre-approval shall be utilized for all laboratory activities which do not follow SOPs. These activities include off-hours work and sole occupancy of lab when highly hazardous chemicals are used. Written pre-approval may also be used to designate one individual to perform specialized or infrequent procedures with special hazards. The toxicity of the chemicals used, the hazards of the procedures to be done, and the knowledge and experience of the laboratory workers must be considered in deciding which work will be allowed with pre-approval.

Why is it important to keep Pre-Approval forms in your CHP?

The Pre-Approval form states that the worker understands the dangers in the lab, and understands what he or she needs to do to work safely when conditions are other than normal. Implementing special safe handling practices when working with particularly hazardous substances in the workplace is an OSHA requirement. The Pre-Approval form is a way of documenting your compliance with the OSHA standard.