SDS of Especially Hazardous or High Use Chemicals

Copies of the SDS for the most dangerous and the most common materials in your lab or the exact location where SDS can be found should be found in Section Seven of your CHP.

For example, if you are operating an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer in your lab, you would definitely want SDSs for Acetylene and Nitric acid in your CHP. Something like Potassium phosphate would not need to be here unless there is a large quantity of it in use in the lab (its toxicity is very minor compared to other hazards). This is a subjective call to be made by the lab manager.

Lab personnel should be able to readily access SDS information in the event of an inspection or an emergency. These are the documents you are likely to need on the way to the hospital. Call or email the UTIA Safety Office if you have difficulty finding appropriate SDS information.