This Emergency Response Plan is a guide and source of information concerning hazardous materials and emergency response procedures. It covers emergency situations, whether natural or man-made, at The University of Tennessee Agricultural Campus. It is intended to meet the state and federal requirements for emergency planning and notification for facilities that store and use hazardous materials. This Plan will govern all persons on the campus, whether employed by the University or not, at the time an emergency occurs.

This Emergency Response Plan will be implemented when an emergency situation threatens the health and safety of people, livestock, University facilities, or the environment. Situations that may warrant the exercise of this Plan include, but are not limited to, explosion, fire, hazardous materials releases, and dangerous weather.

Failure to abide by the procedures outlined in this Plan may result in increased risk of illness, injury, property damage, or death. Improper response to hazardous materials incidents increases the risk of environmental contamination. Failure or refusal to cooperate fully with these guidelines may result in disciplinary action.

This Plan will be reviewed at least annually to ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of its contents. The safety officer will be responsible for coordinating the annual review and update of this Plan.

Copies of the Plan will be maintained by the following personnel at the Institute of Agriculture:

  • Chancellor
  • Deans
  • Director of Services
  • Safety Officer
  • CVM Hospital Operations
  • Department Heads and Section Leaders

This Plan is incorporated as an appendix in the UT Knoxville Emergency Management Plan, which is disseminated to UTK administration and emergency response agencies including Knoxville/Knox Co. Emergency Management Agency (KCEMA), Tennessee Highway Patrol, Knox Co. Sheriff’s Department, and Knoxville Police Department.